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Whether you're looking for a simple single or a complex / multi-engine aircraft (or know someone who is), "How to Effectively Buy a Used Airplane" is a MUST HAVE! This full-hour DVD is guaranteed to help you Buy, Fly and Maintain your investment !


Proven Tips




Professional Guidance


Support Resources

Do you Need Help from Experienced buyers

Many used airplane buyers are blindsided by maintenance defects, unexpected paperwork and unanticipated expenses. Even "experienced" buyers fall prey to such nasty surprises !

So before you "hand prop" the used airplane purchase process, you owe it to yourself to get this no-nonsense DVD. It comes with its own eBook at no additional cost! Both the DVD and the eBook are filled with objective 3rd party advice from experts in the field and can literally save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time.

No Gimmicks - No "Opt In" Emails. And no other single resource contains a such a Complete Compilation of:

  • Proven Tips from experienced, expert, mechanics;
  • Professional Guidance, Video and Photographs to protect you in the purchase process and
  • Techniques to make your search more productive;
  • Support Resources for just about any used airplane.

Benefits Of Used Airplane


This hour-long DVD contains solid tips for search preparation and has complete pre-purchase guidance from professional mechanic and experienced buyer Todd Peterson, Airshow Performer, Aviation Mechanic and owner of Peterson's Performance Plus. Todd's sage advice provides GPS-like guidance through the used airplane purchase process. This DVD brings to light airframe and engine problems that are most often overlooked by used aircraft buyers.

Topics of DVD

Here Is A Sample of Topics Covered In The DVD:(Hi-Speed Access Recommended For Previews)

Golden Rules

And the FREE companion eBook (PDF) is packed with tips, useful references, links, and checklists to help maximize the effectiveness of your search, buying and ownership experience. Take a look at the Table of Contents . . .


The Many Choices -

  • Fix-Up Costs
  • Operating Costs - The Real Cost of Ownership
  • Insurance - How To Avoid Surprises
  • Financing - Be Prepared
  • Storage - Cost Effective Options
  • Fuel - The Biggest Expense
  • Fees - Often Overlooked

Where To Begin and What To Do -

  • Publications
  • Dealers
  • Online
  • Lenders

Step 1 – Call the Seller -

  • The Specific Questions Checklist

Step 2 – Make a Personal Inspection -

  • Checklist For Finding Things The Seller Won't Tell You And A Mechanic Might Miss
  • Hints On Finding Parts

Step 3 – Test Fly the Airplane -

  • The Test Flight Checklist

Step 4 – What’s It Worth? - Explanation And Importance Of Each Key Element -

  • Engine Hours
  • Equipment
  • Airworthiness Directives (ADs)
  • Damage History
  • Paint/Interior
  • Publications
  • How Some Sellers Artificially Inflate The Asking Price
  • Making An Offer

Step 5 – Pre-purchase Inspection - How It Should Be Done And The Critically Important Items

  • Comments About Negotiating
  • Finding A Good Mechanic You Can Trust
  • Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection or A Complete Annual?
  • Who Pays For What?

Step 6 – Assuring a Clear Title and Transferring Ownership

  • Aircraft Title Search - Why, When and How
  • FAA Form 8050-2
  • FAA Form 8050-1
  • Required State Forms
  • All The Elements Of A Good Purchase Agreement
  • Writing The Check
  • Before You Take Possession - The Final "To Do's"

Sure, you might find a sampling of the above on the internet. You can even sign up for someone's "Free" video that results in endless pestering emails. But like anything else, you get what you pay for.

"How to Effectively Buy a Used Airplane" Gives You Much More! The unbeatable DVD/eBook combination lists detailed instructions for each step of the purchase process including tips and photographs on how to AVOID the pitfalls, STAY PROTECTED and SAVE MONEY!


  • Abbreviations Often Used By Sellers
  • Operating Cost Estimator Template
  • State Aircraft Registries - Contact Information
  • Sample Purchase Agreement
  • Sample Acceptance Agreement Verbiage


Free Bonus 1:

How To Make It To TBO - The techniques and secrets to protect your investment and get the longest life out of your engine.

Free Bonus 2:

How To Maximize Your Annual Inspection and Minimize Your Costs - Things YOU can do to save money and get the most out of your mechanic's time.

Free Bonus 3:

Order now and get a FREE Ownership and Operating Cost Spreadsheet! This comprehensive and fully customizable MS Excel worksheet is easy to use and will clearly and automatically display the hourly cost of operating your aircraft. USE IT ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE TOO!

Free Bonus 4:

Purchase Agreement Template - This completely revisable MS Word document has all the verbiage to protect you in your purchase. It is an exact copy of the example provided in the book.